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Chad has been so incredible to work with throughout the past ten months.  My son absolutely would not be where he is today without him!  Chad understands the needs of the high school runner, both now and for the future. His attention to detail and responsiveness has helped my son become a top 5 runner nationally, set course records, and obtain a D1 offer at a premier institution – all while keeping him healthy!  Even though we are hours apart, Chad is extremely available and responsive to not only my son, but also us as parents.  

Mark Thomas (Oklahoma)

Chad and I connected right away and I knew I was going to need REAL training if I was going to run 100 miles in just a few months. At the time, that was my only goal. The problem I had was that while I was performing well, I was also quite injured and could barely walk between events. Since having Chad as my coach, I have been injury-free and I’ve dropped my 5k time by over 10 minutes! He has taught me how to train, be graceful with myself, and think big-picture, thus reinforcing the truth that there is more in me than I believe. Endless gratitude!”

Mandy Camara (Arkansas)

Chad is the most flexible, realistic, and patient coach I’ve worked with. Since my post collegiate running, I struggled for a year of staying consistent. Running was always put on the back burner as I worked to balance working full time, getting my masters, and keeping motivated/dedicated when it came to my training. Despite this, Chad excelled as my coach and always had a new game plan for me whenever we needed to readjust due to my own doing. Because of his
patience and faith in me, despite a year of inconsistency on my part, I am now finally in a good
place with running in part to Chad’s coaching ability and relationship I’ve built with him.

If you’re looking for someone to help you fall back in love with the process and to be a healthier,
faster you, I highly recommend Chad as he has a wide breadth of knowledge to share and truly
cares about his athletes well being.

Ashley Bock (Wyoming)

“Two of the biggest problems I’ve had with running, both as an elite high school athlete and a D1 competitor, have been overtraining or improper training. Either I would push myself too hard, or my body simply could not handle the workouts given to me. Yet even when I would train on my own, a new problem arised: I still never had the security and confidence in my workouts that I would normally have with a coach.. Then, when I would finally settle on a workout to do, I would often change it halfway through, less out of bodily issues and more out of mental doubts. Having Chad as a coach has resolved all of these dilemmas; I don’t waste hours of time trying to find a workout anymore. If at first I was worried about paying money for a coach, I’ve come to realize that the extra time I have each day due to not writing my own workouts—as well as the confidence in the plan I am given—are certainly worth it.

Thomas Moore (Georgia)

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